Project description:

The Fieldstones Content Marketing Improvement UX research project aimed to improve Fieldstones' website and content marketing and help the Northern Hudson Valley's premier weekend getaway, personal rejuvenation, and social event accommodation prepare for effective sources of website traffic and potential consumers.

The project's primary objective was to address the current content problems faced by Fieldstones, including missing website content, confusing information architecture, suboptimal distribution channels, and SEO issues. To achieve these goals, the project proposed several content recommendations, including improving SEO, redesigning the information architecture, improving content types on the Fieldstone website, and adding detailed information about accommodations, such as wifi, location, breakfast, and reviews.

Additionally, the project recommended adding information about the potential market and improving digital marketing and social media content to increase brand awareness and reach a wider audience.

The UX research project incorporated various research methods, including user interviews, usability testing, and data analysis to inform content strategy decisions. The project's outcomes helped Fieldstones position itself as the go-to destination for weekend getaways, personal rejuvenation, and social events in the Northern Hudson Valley. The project's impact included increased website traffic, attracting potential customers, and enhancing the user experience by providing comprehensive and engaging content.

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Project documentation 

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