Golf Buddy

Project descriprion:

Developing the Golf Buddy App

Golf Buddy is an innovative app designed to enhance the experience of the modern golfer. The app's development process included the following steps:

Process Timeline:

The Idea:

The idea was to develop a golf application that combined a GPS rangefinder and club selector to help players navigate the course and select the appropriate club for each shot.

Part I - Discovery and Definition:

After conducting research, the team discovered that there were many other functions that could be added to the initial idea to make the app even more useful to golfers. These additional functions included real-time scoring and stat tracking, social connectivity, and course reviews.

Part II - Design and Development:

With the help of a professor and classmates, the team worked to nail down the exact features and functionality that they wanted to include in the app. Based on this feedback, the team designed the Golf Buddy app accordingly, with a user-friendly interface and seamless user experience.

Part III - Deployment:

Once the app was fully designed and developed, it was deployed to the app stores for download. The app was marketed to golf enthusiasts worldwide, emphasizing the innovative features and comprehensive range of resources available to golfers of all levels.

Overall, the Golf Buddy app was the result of a thorough discovery, definition, design, and development process, leading to the creation of a comprehensive and innovative golf app that provides a seamless experience for golfers on the course.

Project slide deck

Golf Buddy Final.pdf

Golf Buddy app prototype