Zang Toi

Project description: 

The Zang Toi Online Presence Redesign project aims to elevate the digital experience of the internationally acclaimed fashion designer, Zang Toi. The primary goal is to transfer the essence of the brand onto the online platform, creating a visually captivating and user-friendly website, an improvement of the current website, that embodies the designer's signature style and elegance.

The project encompasses various key areas, including branding, PR & press information, marketing, and conversion & retention strategies. By implementing a cohesive and impactful branding strategy, the website will effectively communicate Zang Toi's unique aesthetic, craftsmanship, and fashion philosophy to visitors.

Overall, the Zang Toi Online Presence Redesign project seeks to revitalize the fashion designer's digital presence, aligning it with the quality and sophistication of his renowned creations. Through strategic branding, effective PR and marketing initiatives, and streamlined conversion and retention strategies, the redesigned website will captivate visitors, drive online and offline sales, and cultivate a lasting connection between Zang Toi and his global audience.

Scope document 

Zang Toi - Scope Document 1.0.pdf